Friday, April 9, 2010

Techno Test Reveals Truth of Trudeau's Illuminati Connections

Thursday, April 8, 2010
Natural Solutions Foundation Health Freedom Action eAlert!
The Voice of Global Health Freedom™ -


I Want to Know If Trudeau Is Telling the Truth About His, and GIN's, Connection With Illuminati

I Am Sure You Do, Too!

An Historic Use of New Technology Will Help Determine Whether Kevin Trudeau is Telling Us the Truth Or Not.

We'll Find Out This Sunday When Sharry Edwards Uses BioAcoustics to Unveil Trudeau as a

Truthful Person ... or NOT!
Sharry will record Trudeau's voice during the live Dr. Rima Reports interview with Kevin Trudea at this Sunday, April 11, 2010, 10 PM to Midnight.

Once she has enough data and has performed a reliable analysis she will call in to give us the unvarnished results of her Vocal Profile on Kevin. This is an historic first in Alternative Media: Using Leading Edge Technology to Determine Whether We Are Listening to a Disinformation Agent or a Truth Teller!

I have known Sharry Edwards since 1992 and use her work in my practice. Independent analysis comparing BioAcoustics and lab results have consistently shown that the BioAcoustics results and lab results corroborated each other (that is, they agreed) and, furthermore, the BioAcoustics results were more detailed, containg more information than standard lab results.

I recently read with great interest Ms. Edwards' analysis of Alex Jones voice: According to her analysis, Alex is what he says he is: a passionate truth teller working for the right side, not the wrong side. I have notified Mr. Trudea that we will be using this technology. He understands that with frequency detection, you can, as they say, run but you cannot hide. There is no way to mask the frequencies in your voice, anymore than you could pretend not to have a heart beat.

So join us, and tell everyone you know to join us, too. I am sure you will want to mark your calendar so that you won't miss the ground-breaking Dr. Rima Reports, 10 PM to Midnight, Sunday, April 11 at radio.

Please spread the word: I am sure that everyone who has ever heard of Kevin Trudeau or the Illuminati will want to listen!



Tonight at 9 PM (EST) Ralph Fucetola and I will speak with the folks from about How the Healthcare Bill Will Impact You Directly And What You Can Do About It
Thursday April 8th (9 p.m. EST) on a free Conference Call (712) 432-0075. Use this access code: 193365#

If you miss this call, here is the playback information which will allow you to listen after the fact.

Call (712) 432-1085 and enter the access code: 193365#


Will Natural Solutions Foundation Attend the
Codex Committee on Food Labeling
Canada, May, 2010?

Big Pharma Doesn't Want Us There.

The Codex Commission Will Be Happy If We Aren't There.

The US Delegation Would Rather Not Have Us There.

Do YOU Want Us To Attend?

YES? Then Donate Now. Click here,,
to Send Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert to Codex.

It's All Up To You.


Dr. Rima Reports Nothing But the Truth...
On every Sunday Night!

Dr. Rima Reports - Sunday, April 11, 2010, 10 PM-Midnight Eastern Time

IS HE On the Illuminati's Side or Ours? Find Out This Sunday

You Are Invited To Call In, Join the Dr. Rima Reports Chatroom!

Dr. Rima Reports: Your New "Must Listen" 2 Hour Show: Listen Live or Archived


Important announcement!
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There is just SO much happening just now, please read this important communiqué through to the end...

Just Who, Exactly, Is Kevin Trudeau Working For? You or the Illuminati?

This Sunday, Natural Solutions Foundation will challenge Kevin Trudeau to explain his relationship, and GIN's relationship, to the Illuminati, Bildebergers and other NWO Secret Societies... Mark Your Calendar:

Dr. Rima Reports, Your Health, Your Way!

Special Guest: Kevin Trudeau: Illuminati Shill or Freedom Fighter?

Sunday, April 11, 2010 10 PM to Midnight EST

In our last Health Freedom Action eAlert, we shared our friend Dr. Leonard Coldwell's invitation to join Kevin Trudeau's new Global Information Network (GIN) which offers an abundance of insider information on a wide variety of subjects. Some of our supporters, reading the GIN "Who Are We" section found information which indicated that GIN was created at the suggestion of high ranking Illuminati and Bildeberger members.

They were appalled and horrified. So was I because, lacking further information, this looked very, very bad to me. I immediately contacted Dr. Coldwell and Kevin Trudeau seeking further information. Kevin responded by saying that these NWO (New World Order) types were, in fact, rogue dissidents who did not want to see the globalist, depopulation, enslavement agenda materialize and were, in fact, working against it by asking Kevin to create GIN to UNDERMINE the NWO.

What's True? What's just smoke and mirrors? Who is Kevin Trudeau, really? What IS his relationship to the New World Order? We know what ours is: We oppose it totally and without qualification. And Kevin?

Find out this Sunday! Decide for yourself. This is a radio broadcast you will not want to miss!

You see, I have invited Kevin Trudeau to appear on the

Dr. Rima Reports, Your Health, Your Way!

Special Guest: Kevin Trudeau: Illuminati Shill or Freedom Fighter?

Sunday, April 11, 2010 10 PM to Midnight EST
We will be taking your questions by phone or chat.

We Are Living In Daunting Times With Increasing Numbers of Challenges, Each of Which is Complex and Dangerous. Sometimes It Can Fell Like It Is All Just Too Much. Well, The Truth Is That It's Not. You See, It's Truly All About Power and... Hope...

Please take a moment to watch this remarkable embodiment of both power and hope:

Now, with that example of human capacity and joy, consider this serious problem and how we are, like the subject of the video above, after all, able to triumph though truth and personal and collective power.

Please watch my brief lecture on the Globalist Agenda here:

Now take this video viral along with an invitation to everyone you send it to inviting them to join the

Health Freedom Action eAlerts to become involved and powerful



Gardasil, the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine, is being pushed all over the world on girls, women and even boys to "prevent" a disease better detected and protected against by simple, easy means. Gardasil, and its squalene-laced cousin, Cervivax, are killing and damaging people all over the world. How can we stop it when Big Pharma is so big? Well, take a look at what just happened in India, where the use of Gardasil has been suspended!

Do you think this happened without activists taking their power back and taking it seriously? Of course not!

Yes, we are on a collective Power Trip: whether its destination is a FEMA camp, the grave or empowered living depends on each and every one of us!

CODEX Meetin Coming Up. Will You Be There? No?

How About Natural Solutions Foundation? Will We Be There?

It's Up to You!

Set up your tax deductible recurring donation now

Make sure you have eyes and ears at Codex!

Do you care about Codex poisoning the world's food supply? Does that feel like a freedom violation to you? Do you read and watch Dr. Rima's Reports from Codex meetings? How do you think they happen? We can bring them to you when you, and you, and you and you, too, shoulder your part of the financial burden. You decide if it is a big part or a small part, but if you're a recipient of the benefits of our work, doesn't it make sense for you to be a financial supporter? How about $5 per month? $10? $100?

You know that the World Order, both New and Not-So-New, wants all natural medicine erased from our minds, our bodies and our memories. You also know that we want something quite different. What we want goes by the name of "Health Freedom", the right to make our own decisions and access the food and products we need to make those decisions meaningful.

There is no other health freedom organization doing anything at all about making sure that food suppliers (that means farmers) and food consumers (you and I) are able to meet each others needs through the innovative and powerful Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Project in Panama's Chiriqui Highlands,

And there is no other Health Freedom organization anywhere in the world actively preparing a place where the natural treatments which are under such vicious attack (products and services are disappearing right now in Canada, Germany and the rest of the EU - or are already gone!) will continue to be available to you and will continue to be taught so that they will not, to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, "perish from the earth".

That place, of course, is the Natural Solutions Center, located at the Valley of the Moon™ headquarters in Volcan, Panama.

You know, the Natural Solutions Foundation's track record is pretty good (although we work hard to make ourselves wrong, as we succeeded in doing by preventing the inclusion of Fluoride in baby formula at Codex and the implementation of mandatory H1N1 vaccination this past Pandemic "silly season"). Well, as extreme as it might sound, ask a Canadian, or a German (or any other EU national from anywhere besides the Netherlands and the UK) if they still have open access to natural medicine, natural products and natural health options. The answer, I am sad to tell you, is, "No, no and no! We lost those options because we did not take defensive, effective, corrective action. Now those options are only available to us outside our home countries."

Whether we, together, succeed in making ourselves wrong by beating back the forces of health tyranny or not, the Valley of the Moon's Natural Solutions Center is a landmark for natural medicine, health teaching and practice. We are asking you, yes you, to play a role in it, just as we are asking you to play a role in the Natural Solutions Foundation's presence FOR YOU at Codex and our presence in preserving clean, unadulterated food for you and your loved ones. We are getting close to the grand opening, perhaps at the end of May, this year.

Click here,, to set up your recurring, tax deductible donation now. And thank you for that donation, whether it is large or small. We are on the march and we are not relinquishing our power to anyone.

Click here, , to beat back the phony "Food Safety"[sic] bill, S. 510, designed to end access to clean, healthy food and "HARMonize" us with Codex by industrializing all food production in the US.

Click here,, to demand a total ban on GMO products and strong scientific study to find out just how bad the damage has been and how to correct it.

Click here,, to take the HealthKeeper's Oath and make it very clear that you will not be swept up into the misuse of medical and allied personnel in the coming health tyranny, either as uniformed Ready Reserve or as non uniformed health personnel.

Click here,, to demand the removal, through either resignation or impeachment, of HHS Secretary Sebelius, who not only presides over one of the most corrupt federal agencies in history, but asked the press to suppress our constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech concerning vaccines, autism, mercury and damage to ourselves and our children.



Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Medical Director
Rima E. Laibow MD
Natural Solutions Foundation

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