Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gone -- All To Ashes

One of the world's greatest heritage sites in Uganda was gutted by fire.
Kasubi tombs, nearly 150 years old are the oldest burial grounds for Buganda kings

It was the most popular tourist attraction in Africa next to the pyramids
of Egpyt. It is where four powerful kings were buried and there was
cultural paraphernalia and mementos also on display, are all ashes. This
is a big loss of irreplaceable items for Uganda, a sad moment for tourism
in Uganda and for the Buganda cultural heritage.
This site is known as a heart of the Buganda Kingdom which its symbol of cultural rituals and possessed tools used for spiritual activities.

Buganda and Uganda at large are ablaze with the Holy Ghost. I see a new era
being ushered in. It’s an era of grace and salvation, of mission and evangelism. It’s also an era of impending judgment, of darkened suns and
blighted moons, of blood and fire and billows of smoke. Listen and hear
the urgent call to all who have ears to hear. The time is short. Repent
and call on the name of the Lord.

Today is still the day of grace. "And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be
saved!" Gone are the cultural barriers. Gone are the age barriers. Gone
are the gender barriers. I may add: gone are the social barriers,
the educational barriers, and the racial barriers. The Holy Spirit
includes and calls all God’s people, the rich and the ragged, the
scholars and the unschooled, the browns and the blacks, in his
dynamic mission of
"declaring the wonders of God" in wherever strategic position he places them, and whatever strategic place (at
the tombs) he positions you..

The Holy Spirit continues the ministry of Jesus. It’s a ministry of salvation, a ministry of
hope, a ministry of renewal and refreshment. Jesus is in heaven, but
his ministry empowered by the Spirit continues through Peter, John,
Thomas, Paul, and even to this very day. Jesus’ ministry continues
through young men who dream dreams and sons and
daughters who see visions. It continues through organists and music teams, through
Church School teachers, and through Christian couples sharing their
faith at party outings with their neighbors.

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