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I Was Fed Up With No One Talking About It...

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Dear Reader,

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William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dr. Rima Truth Reports

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Sharing the Battle of All Mothers: Brittney Fiste and Vaccine Injury

Some things are fun to like and share. Some touch your heart and some can save your life and the life of people you care about.
This post is one that can save your life and that of the people it touches. I cannot urge you strongly enough to like, to share, to friend and to forward this post.
Six years ago, Brittney Fiste’s life was changed forever by lies and distortions her doctor foisted upon her. She was duped by her doctor’s unscientific and absurd lies about her chances of contracting cervical cancer from a handshake or lab accident [sic] and allowed herself to be vaccinated “against” HPV with an injection of Gardasil.
Almost immediately, she became gravely ill with seizures and a host of other horrifying symptoms which her doctor predictably failed to see as connected with the injection, despite evidence to the contrary. In fact, Brittney actually had a second Gardasil shot.
All the normal parts of life have been destroyed by that unnecessary and ineffective shot. In return, it has given her medical emergencies, convulsions, constant pain and incipient organ failure in one organ after another.
Instead of becoming a miserable invalid, Brittney and her mother Roxi have become articulate, knowledgeable and powerful spokespeople for the assault which is HPV vaccination and, by extension, the rest of the medical lies we are exposed to, and harmed by.
Watch this amazing and candid interview, available without charge here:
It is the inaugural program of our new series of interviews presented by Leslie Carol Botha, the Coordinator of the Women’s Health Freedom Coalition of the Natural Solutions Foundation — the Battle of All Mothers!
The first program of each month on the Dr. Rima Truth Reports, 10 am to 12 noon every Sunday at (live chat and video stream available) will be hosted by Leslie as she focuses on women’s health and freedom, their control of, and their use of, their own bodies. The other shows of the month will continue to be hosted by Ralph Fucetola, JD and by me, Dr. Rima.
Health Freedom’s most basic definition is owning, and controlling what happens to, your own body. Women are particularly often assaulted in that area since their health, and options, are often limited by cultural beliefs and values which defy their realities and well-being.
Just as we say “No More!” to ownership of our bodies by other forces than our own conscience and decision-making abilities, so we say, “No More!” to external control of women, their life, their sexuality and their reproductive lives.
We are honored to have Brittney and Roxi tell their stories and we are proud to have Leslie Carol Botha, our friend and a friend of women’s freedom and health everywhere, initiate this new series of programs on the first Sunday of every month.

I urge you to listen, like and share the above link. You could be saving lives and opening eyes!
And don’t forget to sign up for our complementary weekly newsletter at where you can download a free ebook, as well.
Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert at the GMO Demonstration - Santiago de Chile

Counsel Ralph at the GMO Demonstration - New Brunswick, NJ

   GDS Cancer Pandemic?

Is the apparent increase in Sudden Onset, Late State Cancer Real?
You Need to Know!
Read Dr. Rima’s Note Below and Fill-In the Online Form.
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Although the phenomenon of sudden onset, late stage cancer is well known, it has, in my experience of some 43 years of medical practice, been an uncommon phenomenon until recently.
The number of people contacting me with a first diagnosis of a previously unsuspected advanced, aggressive, widely metastasized tumor who are told that they have Stage IV cancer at the point of first diagnosis has escalated suddenly.
To find out if the escalation is real or apparent, I have set up a special website, to gather information on this phenomenon.
We are asking people to enter data on the incidence of such sudden onset, late stage cancer which is non intrusive and does not violate anyone’s privacy. That data includes the email of the person reporting the case and the age, type of cancer (if known), location of the primary tumor (if known), zip code and town of the case (if known) of the person with the disease.
As a way of thanking people who enter their email and the information on the case they might know about, the entering person will receive a free ebook on Genome Disruption Syndrome and a fascinating video of an interview I did on my show, the Dr. Rima Truth Reports, with Dr. Mark Sircus on Magnesium Bicarbonate and cancer.
I believe collecting this information will be both important and useful and thank you in advance for both participating in this data-gathering effort and in disseminating it.
Thanks for your help.
Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CCHR: Big Pharma—Define 'Better' - Instead of "opinions" Get the facts on international drug regulatory warnings & studies on psychiatric drugs - provided as a free public service by CCHR International - Featuring Chill EB - Psycho/pharma spends billions of dollars a year marketing mental 'disorders' & drugs for kids -- yet these drugs are documented by international drug regulatory agencies to cause mania, psychosis, hallucinations, suicide, violence, homicidal ideation, heart attack, stroke and death. What's more, they are being prescribed for psychiatric disorders that are simply a checklist of behaviors. Get the facts here

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Dog Days Charity Sweepstakes!

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Friday, August 31, 2012

30 Most Popular Herbs For Natural Medicine

Aloe Vera – Antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, wound and burn healer, natural laxative, soothes stomach, helps skin disorders.

Basil – Powerful antispasmodic, antiviral, anti-infectious, an.....
.tibacterial, soothes stomach.

Black Cohosh – Relieves menopausal hot flashes, relieves menstrual cramps, helps circulatory and cardiovascular disorders, lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, useful for nervousness and stress. Note: Do not use during pregnancy.

Black Walnut – Good for eliminating parasites, good for fungal infections, good for warts and poison ivy, aids digestion.

Cinnamon – It has been proven that 99.9% of viruses and bacteria can not live in the presence of cinnamon. So it makes a great antibacterial and antiviral weapon.

Cayenne- Catalyst for other herbs, useful for arthritis and rheumatism (topically and internally), good for colds, flu viruses, sinus infection and sore throat, useful for headache and fever, aids organs (kidneys, heart, lungs, pancreas, spleen and stomach, increase thermogenesis for weight loss.

Clove Bud – Improves the immune system, they are also an antioxidant and doubles as an antibacterial and antimicrobial fighter.

Cypress – The therapeutic properties of cypress oil are astringent, antiseptic, antispasmodic, deodorant, diuretic, haemostatic, hepatic, styptic, sudorific, vasoconstrictor, respiratory tonic and sedative.

Dandelion – Helpful for PMS, good for menopause, increases ovarian hormones.

Echinacea (coneflower) – Boosts white blood cell production, immune system support, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, good for colds, flu and infection. Note: Use no more than two weeks at a time. Do not use if you are allergic to sunflowers or related species.

Eucalyptus – Anti-infectious, antibacterial and antiviral.

Garlic – Helps fight infection, detoxifies the body, enhances immunity, lowers blood fats, assists yeast infections, helps asthma, cancer, sinusitis, circulatory problems and heart conditions.

German Chamomile – Helps stress, anxiety and insomnia, good for indigestion, useful for colitis and most digestive problems, effective blood cleanser and helps increase liver function and supports the pancreas. Improves bile flow from the liver, it is good for healing of the skin that might come from a blistering chemical agent.

Geranium – Dilates bile ducts for liver detoxification, antispasmodic, stops bleeding, anti-infectious, antibacterial.

Ginger – Helps nausea, motion sickness and vomiting, useful for circulatory problems, good for indigestion, and is also an effective antioxidant.

Lavender – Assists with burns, antiseptic, used as a stress reliever, good for depression, aids skin health and beauty.

Lemon – Is known for its antiseptic properties, Essential Science Publishing says that: According to Jean Valnet, M.D. the vaporized essence of lemon can kill meningococcal bacteria in 15 minutes, typhoid bacilli in one hour, Staphylococcus aureus in two hours and Pneumococcus bacteria within three hours. Lemon also improves micro-circulation, promotes white blood cell formation, and improves immune function.

Marjoram – Anti-infectious, antibacterial, dilates blood vessels, regulates blood pressure, soothes muscles.

Marshmallow – Aids bladder infections, diuretic (helps fluid retention), helps kidney problems, soothes coughs, sore throats, indigestion, and as a topical agent it is said to be anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and wound-healing.

Melissa – Assists in issues with the nervous system, blisters, and has antimicrobial properties.

Mullein – Can be used as a laxative, good for asthma and bronchitis, useful for difficulty breathing, helps hay fever.

Myrrh – Anti-infectious, antiviral, soothes skin conditions and supports immune system. Also an antispasmodic that helps to reduce spasming due to spasms caused by nerve agents.

Oregano – is a powerful antibiotic and has been proven to be more effective in neutralizing germs than some chemical antibiotics. It has been effective against germs like Staphylococcus aureas, Escherichia coli, Yersinia enterocolitica and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Pine – Antidiabetic, cortisone-like, severe infections, hypertensive

Rosemary – Antiseptic, Antibacterial, Cleansing and detoxes the body. Supports the liver and combats cirrhosis.

Rosewood – Anti-infectious, antibacterial, and antiviral.

Sage – Used in anxiety, nervous disorders, as astringent, in abdominal disorders, anti inflammatory.

Spearmint – To calm the Nervous System, aide with Nerve Agents.

Tea Tree – Disinfectant, antibacterial, anti-fungal, burns, good for all skin conditions.

Thyme – Effective against Anthrax and Tuberculosis
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Brought to you by:!/dianefriday

"10000 times stronger killer of CANCER than Chemo"..

Soursop Fruit
"10000 times stronger killer of CANCER than Chemo".. do share it.. can save many lives, fill up hopes and build confidence in the patients...

The Sour Sop or the fruit from the graviola tree is a miraculous natural cancer cel...
l killer 10,000 times stronger than Chemo.

Why are we not aware of this? Its because some big corporation want to make back their money spent on years of research by trying to make a synthetic version of it for sale.

So, since you know it now you can help a friend in need by letting him know or just drink some sour sop juice yourself as prevention from time to time. The taste is not bad after all. It’s completely natural and definitely has no side effects. If you have the space, plant one in your garden.
The other parts of the tree are also useful.

The next time you have a fruit juice, ask for a sour sop.

How many people died in vain while this billion-dollar drug maker concealed the secret of the miraculous Graviola tree?

This tree is low and is called graviola ! in Brazi l, guanabana in Spanish and has the uninspiring name “soursop” in English. The fruit is very large and the subacid sweet white pulp is eaten out of hand or, more commonly, used to make fruit drinks, sherbets and such.

The principal interest in this plant is because of its strong anti-cancer effects. Although it is effective for a number of medical conditions, it is its anti tumor effect that is of most interest. This plant is a proven cancer remedy for cancers of all types.

Besides being a cancer remedy, graviola is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent for both bacterial and fungal infections, is effective against internal parasites and worms, lowers high blood pressure and is used for depression, stress and nervous disorders.

If there ever was a single example that makes it dramatically clear why the existence of Health Sciences Institute is so vital to Americans like you, it’s the incredible story behind the Graviola tree..

The truth is stunningly simple: Deep within the Amazon Rainforest grows a tree that could literally revolutionize what you, your doctor, and the rest of the world thinks about cancer treatment and chances of survival. The future has never looked more promising.

Research shows that with extracts from this miraculous tree it now may be possible to:
* Attack cancer safely and effectively with an all-natural therapy that does not cause extreme nausea, weight loss and hair loss
* Protect your immune system and avoid deadly infections
* Feel stronger and healthier throughout the course of the treatment
* Boost your energy and improve your outlook on life

The source of this information is just as stunning: It comes from one of America ‘s largest drug manufacturers, th! e fruit of over 20 laboratory tests conducted since the 1970′s! What those tests revealed was nothing short of mind numbing… Extracts from the tree were shown to:

* Effectively target and kill malignant cells in 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer..
* The tree compounds proved to be up to 10,000 times stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells than Adriamycin, a commonly used chemotherapeutic drug!
* What’s more, unlike chemotherapy, the compound extracted from the Graviola tree selectivelyhunts
down and kills only cancer cells.. It does not harm healthy cells!

The amazing anti-cancer properties of the Graviola tree have been extensively researched–so why haven’t you heard anything about it? If Graviola extract is

One of America ‘s biggest billion-dollar drug makers began a search for a cancer cure and their research centered on Graviola, a legendary healing tree from the Amazon Rainforest.

Various parts of the Graviola tree–including the bark, leaves, roots, fruit and fruit-seeds–have been used for centuries by medicine men and native Indi! ans in S outh America to treat heart disease, asthma, liver problems and arthritis. Going on very little documented scientific evidence, the company poured money and resources into testing the tree’s anti-cancerous properties–and were shocked by the results. Graviola proved itself to be a cancer-killing dynamo.
But that’s where the Graviola story nearly ended.

The company had one huge problem with the Graviola tree–it’s completely natural, and so, under federal law, not patentable. There’s no way to make serious profits from it.

It turns out the drug company invested nearly seven years trying to synthesize two of the Graviola tree’s most powerful anti-cancer ingredients. If they could isolate and produce man-made clones of what makes the Graviola so potent, they’d be able to patent it and make their money back. Alas, they hit a brick wall. The original simply could not be replicated. There was no way the company could protect its profits–or even make back the millions it poured into research.

As the dream of huge profits evaporated, their testing on Graviola came to a screeching halt. Even worse, the company shelved the entire project and chose not to publish the findings of its research!

Luckily, however, there was one scientist from the Graviola research team whose conscience wouldn’t let him see such atrocity committed. Risking his career, he contacted a company that’s dedicated to harvesting medical plants from the Amazon Rainforest and blew the whistle.

Miracle unleashed
When researchers at the Health Sciences Institute were alerted to the news of Graviola,! they be gan tracking the research done on the cancer-killing tree. Evidence of the astounding effectiveness of Graviola–and its shocking cover-up–came in fast and furious….

….The National Cancer Institute performed the first scientific research in 1976. The results showed that Graviola’s “leaves and stems were found effective in attacking and destroying malignant cells.” Inexplicably, the results were published in an internal report and never released to the public…

….Since 1976, Graviola has proven to be an immensely potent cancer killer in 20 independent laboratory tests, yet no double-blind clinical trials–the typical benchmark mainstream doctors and journals use to judge a treatment’s value–were ever initiated….

….A study published in the Journal of Natural Products, following a recent study conducted at Catholic University of South Korea stated that one chemical in Graviola was found to selectively kill colon cancer cells at “10,000 times the potency of (the commonly used chemotherapy drug) Adriamycin…”

….The most significant part of the Catholic University of South Korea report is that Graviola was shown to selectively target the cancer cells, leaving healthy cells untouched. Unlike chemotherapy, which indiscriminately targets all actively reproducing cells (such as stomach and hair cells), causing the often devastating side effects of nausea and hair loss in cancer patients.

…A study at Purdue University recently found that leaves from the Graviola tree killed cancer cells among six human cell lines and were especially effective against prostate, pancreatic and lung cancers…. Seven years of silence broken–it’s finally here!

Source: — with Penny Fruin.
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