Sunday, September 30, 2007

Zrii Is Your Liquid Gold

Natural Health has become a priority for so many people today as well as a Home Based Business due to job insecruity!!! Want the best of both worlds? Look at the value of Zrii, not only from the product standpoint, but being in Pre-Launch allows you to be in at the true beginning of this company!

We are only in the USA & Canada for now! As we move ahead, we will open up other countries soon! I know how we all have heard this saying before: "Once In A Lifetime Opportunity"! I know we ALL have heard this unlimited times as I have too! But, let's say you look very close and try and find ANY holes in this program and can't!!! What then? Let's say this rolls out as a REAL Long Term Powerful Opportunity as I believe it to be! Is there a good chance we who do see it and go for it will be rich? Think about it...

Now, why should you take a position in Zrii? Let's look at the facts:

1] BE a part of one of the most powerful health drink that is totally unique to the entire world! There is NO other product like the Zrii!

2] Here are some of the health benefits of drinking Zrii:
Amalaki Fruit- Over the past 50 years, amalaki has been the subject of hundreds of scientific studies, ranging from its role in fighting cancer to its ability to increase healthy cholesterol (HDL), reduce wrinkles, and improve eyesight. To view over 100 studies online, simply go to: Type in the search Amalaki's scientific name: Emblica officinalis
Turmeric (root)- improves circulation, digestion, and reduces inflammation
Tulsi (leaf)- improves digestion and intestinal health
Schizandra (fruit)- enhances mental function and memory; excellent ‘brain tonic’
Jujube (fruit)- calms the nerves and serves as a mild rejuvenator
Haritaki (fruit)- serves as a mild-detoxifying agent, nourishes the tissues
Ginger (root)- improves digestion, absorption, and assimilation
Wild crafted in the “Lap of Himalayas”
3] Why do we need so desperately need to supplement today? Studies have shown that the soils are 85% depleted of nutrients and that over 99% of ALL Americans are mineral deficient!!! Solution = Zrii

4] Build your team by simply helping others to achieve Maximum Health!

5] As part of our 10-Star Team, you get 2 FREE lead capture web sites like the ones below! Training every Saturday & ongoing conference calls everyday and evenings too! Access to the 10-Star Training site too.

6] A Compensation Plan that truly is second to NONE with huge fast start bonus' & "Dynamic Compression" +++ NO HOOPS to get your check!!!

7] Bill Farley's background has been a total success with ANY company he has owned! BVD & Fruit Of The Loom underwear, part owner of the White Sox, numerous other companies too!

8] DeePak Chopra's endorsement of Zrii is unreal! Who is Deepak Chopra? Now, look at his endorsement on his web site> You can even download the PDF here>

9] Upline support like you should have! Besides myself, there are at least 5 more people for FULL support!!!

10] FREE leads provided by my upline so you will never have to spend a dime for leads to call on and a script to follow too! 3-way calls are a given to help you build your business!

11] When you get rolling and have about 50 people in a given area, corporate will come up and do an opportunity meeting for you & your group!

My FREE site that you also get as part of our group are:

Here is our 24 hour recorded call too: 1-212-990-6544.

After full review, should you decide to take a position, simply follow these instructions & MAKE sure that you call or email me for info. to setup your FREE sites, FREE product, Leads, Training, etc...>

Click Here To Join For FREE

Once you signup, we are recommending that you setup your order for:
1-4 pack of ZRii bottles (approx. 28 ounces each) @ $120.00
1-33 fridge pack of ZRII 3 ounce sample bottles or travel bottles @ $135.00
1-ZRII promotional kit @ $49.00

If you decide to be just a customer only, then signup as follows:
1-4 pack of ZRii bottles @ $120.00
FREE signup: check the Zrii PC for no cost to be a customer only

Our first shipment of product will begin October 1ST and thereafter! If your signup as a Zrii IE, then simply bring in 3 people on Zrii and you will be in profit!!! And as part of our awesome team, after you signup, you can request 2 FREE ZRII web sites, upline information, conference call information, and how to setup the auto responders to get continuous updates! Make sure you call me right after your signup to get the follow up email with this information!!!

Let's rock!
Diane Friday
704-865-2144 or

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