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Sharing the Battle of All Mothers: Brittney Fiste and Vaccine Injury

Some things are fun to like and share. Some touch your heart and some can save your life and the life of people you care about.
This post is one that can save your life and that of the people it touches. I cannot urge you strongly enough to like, to share, to friend and to forward this post.
Six years ago, Brittney Fiste’s life was changed forever by lies and distortions her doctor foisted upon her. She was duped by her doctor’s unscientific and absurd lies about her chances of contracting cervical cancer from a handshake or lab accident [sic] and allowed herself to be vaccinated “against” HPV with an injection of Gardasil.
Almost immediately, she became gravely ill with seizures and a host of other horrifying symptoms which her doctor predictably failed to see as connected with the injection, despite evidence to the contrary. In fact, Brittney actually had a second Gardasil shot.
All the normal parts of life have been destroyed by that unnecessary and ineffective shot. In return, it has given her medical emergencies, convulsions, constant pain and incipient organ failure in one organ after another.
Instead of becoming a miserable invalid, Brittney and her mother Roxi have become articulate, knowledgeable and powerful spokespeople for the assault which is HPV vaccination and, by extension, the rest of the medical lies we are exposed to, and harmed by.
Watch this amazing and candid interview, available without charge here:
It is the inaugural program of our new series of interviews presented by Leslie Carol Botha, the Coordinator of the Women’s Health Freedom Coalition of the Natural Solutions Foundation — the Battle of All Mothers!
The first program of each month on the Dr. Rima Truth Reports, 10 am to 12 noon every Sunday at (live chat and video stream available) will be hosted by Leslie as she focuses on women’s health and freedom, their control of, and their use of, their own bodies. The other shows of the month will continue to be hosted by Ralph Fucetola, JD and by me, Dr. Rima.
Health Freedom’s most basic definition is owning, and controlling what happens to, your own body. Women are particularly often assaulted in that area since their health, and options, are often limited by cultural beliefs and values which defy their realities and well-being.
Just as we say “No More!” to ownership of our bodies by other forces than our own conscience and decision-making abilities, so we say, “No More!” to external control of women, their life, their sexuality and their reproductive lives.
We are honored to have Brittney and Roxi tell their stories and we are proud to have Leslie Carol Botha, our friend and a friend of women’s freedom and health everywhere, initiate this new series of programs on the first Sunday of every month.

I urge you to listen, like and share the above link. You could be saving lives and opening eyes!
And don’t forget to sign up for our complementary weekly newsletter at where you can download a free ebook, as well.
Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert at the GMO Demonstration - Santiago de Chile

Counsel Ralph at the GMO Demonstration - New Brunswick, NJ

   GDS Cancer Pandemic?

Is the apparent increase in Sudden Onset, Late State Cancer Real?
You Need to Know!
Read Dr. Rima’s Note Below and Fill-In the Online Form.
Your Reward: Dr. Rima’s Free GDS eBook and Self-Evaluation Form!

Although the phenomenon of sudden onset, late stage cancer is well known, it has, in my experience of some 43 years of medical practice, been an uncommon phenomenon until recently.
The number of people contacting me with a first diagnosis of a previously unsuspected advanced, aggressive, widely metastasized tumor who are told that they have Stage IV cancer at the point of first diagnosis has escalated suddenly.
To find out if the escalation is real or apparent, I have set up a special website, to gather information on this phenomenon.
We are asking people to enter data on the incidence of such sudden onset, late stage cancer which is non intrusive and does not violate anyone’s privacy. That data includes the email of the person reporting the case and the age, type of cancer (if known), location of the primary tumor (if known), zip code and town of the case (if known) of the person with the disease.
As a way of thanking people who enter their email and the information on the case they might know about, the entering person will receive a free ebook on Genome Disruption Syndrome and a fascinating video of an interview I did on my show, the Dr. Rima Truth Reports, with Dr. Mark Sircus on Magnesium Bicarbonate and cancer.
I believe collecting this information will be both important and useful and thank you in advance for both participating in this data-gathering effort and in disseminating it.
Thanks for your help.
Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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