Friday, May 15, 2009

Something Funny About This Swine Flu "Pandemic"!‏

There is Definitely Something Funny About This Failed Swine Flu Pandemic.

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A Must Watch 3 Minutes: The Bailout Ballad: "Obama Man Can!"


Another Must Watch 3 minutes: "The Swine Flu Song"


The Pooh of Flu


At Last! The Real Story

Health Freedom Alert
Pandemic Pushers Try Harder

We do not have to tell you that the state of Pandemic Preparedness and Predictions has reached the stage of fall on the floor, gasping for breath, side splitting, laugh out loud funny. You noticed that the deaths in Mexico miraculously went from 168 to 16 with barely a MMD (Media of Mass Deception) murmur when confronted with either a monstrous con game or the biggest miracle in human history. You would think that this would have gotten some meaningful play, but no, the MMD folks trotted right along behind the Pandemic Hucksters and bleated out their illogical message without a murmur of dissent or discontent.

You noticed that WHO changed the meaning of Pandemic from a 'disease transmitted from human to human with dire consequences' to 'an easily spread human to human transmission which does not have to cause a disease.

You noticed that despite a really dismal performance which any self-respecting pandemic pusher would have been humiliated to focus on, the CDC, White House, WHO and others who stand to gain enormous control and money (like Donald Rumsfeld, of Tamiflu fame, perhaps?) from this opportune Pandemic (which kindly took our minds off the rape of the economy) the drumbeats of Pandemic to Come have continued to beat.

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You noticed that for a disease which may have killed two people in the US, the White House now is "considering" ramping up additional vaccine manufacturing (read "profit") and mandating injection in the fall, when the vaccine is ready and the new, improved, really-truly, this-time-we-mean it Pandemic will be here, just in time for the vaccine!

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Have you noticed that Baxter International, the company which supposedly "accidentally" contaminated 18 country's seasonal Flu shots with live, highly infective, and we believe, weaponized Avian Flu has been chosen to coordinate the development of the Swine Flu vaccine which you WILL be presented with this coming fall, according to the Obama Administration...

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and say "NO!" to your legislators, your Governor and the President here:

What???? 20-30% of the population would become infected IF this were a pandemic but it IS a pandemic anyway despite the fact that the infection rate is not different from a regular flu?

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And you noticed that Big Pharma and its legislative branch, the US Government, is gearing up to shoot you up with a mandatory vaccination whether you want it or not. Say "Not only NO! but HELL NO!" here:

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Dr. Rima
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